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October 20th, 1981

Rick's clinic:

Claudia and Laura: Claudia wants to spend some time with her. She misses Laura. Awwww. :) Laura says she missed her too. Claudia teases her about that. Laura has to call Luke, but Luke isn't there. Robert says that Luke went on a job interview. Laura and Claudia talk about the wedding. Laura says there isn't going to be a big wedding.. Just the two of them. It's gonna be small.

RBJ offices: Luke is all happy and the receptionist isn't hahaha. She is trying to get her to cheer up. He has his interview but he don't like the job. It's just not him. He understands why the receptionist isn't happy! ROFL! Luke wins the line of the day.

Luke: Um I owe you an apology. Now I understand what's happening, but chill out anyway will ya?


Robert's home:  Robert turns down a job over the phone.

Robert and Tiffany: Tiffany visits. She jokes but Robert isn't in the mood hahaha. Tiffany calls her agent, but her agent is in a meeting. Robert is laughing hahaha. This guy from the scandal rag shows up  Tiffany called him. Robert wants him out, but Tiffany wants him to listen to him. Tiffany thinks he is innocent, but he isn't!!!! Tiffany is in shock and is choking on her tongue. ROFL!  Robert kicks him out.

Homes homes homes offices: Luke went there to look at a house to live in. He isn't really happy. Laura shows up and he says to her he doesn't want a house with a white picket fence and a pool! ROFL!


Joe and Rose: Joe shows up looking for Heather and Rose says that she went to visit her cousin Susan.

Heather and Joe: Heather shows up and wants to know what Joe wants to tell her. He notices that she has to get to work, so he decides to tell her later. That he has waited this long to tell her, he can wait to tell her a little bit longer.

Heather and Joe: Heather whines about Susan hahaha. Joe tells her that the Diana Taylor murder has been solved.

Rose and Heather: Heather wants to take the evening off to celebrate with Joe!

Luke and the gang and that includes Leslie: They are all there having a good time. Luke tells them that Laura and he are only going to have a small wedding. Just the two of them.

Stranger and Rose: This guy wants to talk to Rose, so they go somewhere alone to talk. Hutch gave this guy something to give to Rose.  A necklace and a note. :(

Rose and Leslie: They are going to wash the dishes. Leslie notices that Rose is distracted and wants to know if she is okay.  She says she is fine. She talks about friends and how you drift apart from your friend.  Leslie thinks she is talking about Joe.

Heather and Joe: She wants a penny to throw in the water to make a wish. She wishes this night would go on forever. They kiss.

Robert's home part 2:

Tiffany. Robert, L&L: They all show up laughing. Tiffany is telling them about what Robert did to that sleazy magazine guy! Robert wants to know what everyone is doing tomorrow. Luke says he has to look for a job, Laura says more house hunting, and Tiffany says she has to look for a new agent. ROFL! Luke wants to drink to the divorce decree. Robert says you mean we have to drink to that? Luke says they have to.

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Flashback Friday - Luke and Laura talk about Scotty and the Law Books 1979

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Lee Baldwin Tribute. 

General hospital didn't really do a real tribute for Lee Baldwin, so I will!

Character History

Recovering alcoholic, Lee Baldwin, started to date nurse Jessie Brewer who was trying to get over her painful marriage to Phil Brewer. On the seventh floor of General Hospital Lee volunteered as an addiction counselor.

After Phil left town Jessie discovered that she was pregnant with his baby. Lee offered Jessie marriage so that her baby would have a name and a father. Jessie accepted but before her divorce could be finalized and she could marry Lee, Phil found out that she was carrying his child and he returned to Port Charles. Phil begged for forgiveness and asked for a month to make things right for him and Jessie. Jessie was afraid that if she went back to Phil that Lee would return to his drinking habits. So instead of forgiving Phil she decided to go through with the wedding. But the night before the wedding Jessie went into labor. Since the divorce hadn't been finalized the baby was born under the last name of Brewer, which made Phil happy.

Jessie gave birth to a daughter which she named Nancy. Lee then told Jessie that he was freeing her from the engagement. But in 1966 Nancy died from a bad heart condition.

That same year, nurse Meg Bently joined General Hospital. Meg, a widow with a son name Scotty and a stepdaughter had to maintain a platonic relationship with Lee because she was engaged to Dr. Noel Clinton at the time. But the engagement wouldn't last long since Noel was more interested in Meg's stepdaughter Brooke. And soon after Noel told Meg that the engagement was off because he was leaving her for Brooke. Meg was shocked and devastated and was comforted by Lee.

Scotty was also very upset over this. He now lost his sister and the man he wanted to be his father. Noel and Brooke ran off and eloped. Lee started acting like a father to young Scotty. In late 1966 a joyful Meg married Lee.

When Jessie was charged with the murder of her late husband Dr. John Prentice Lee was her attorney. Unfortunately, Lee had lost the case and Jessie was sent to jail. But soon after Jessie's stepdaughter Polly confessed to the murder freeing Jessie.

In 1969 Meg's old nursing school friend Iris Fairchild came to town and was also an alcoholic. Lee still counseling people at the hospital got Iris to quit drinking and got her a job as a secretary. This made Meg jealous and then she accused Lee and Iris of having an affair. This caused Lee and Meg to split up. But their time away from each other wasn't long because they reunited after Lee donated one of his kidneys to Scotty and saved his life.

Brooke returned to live with her stepmother and Lee after her marriage to Noel had gone down the drain. That same year Meg was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to under go a mastectomy. Meg then became insure about her appearance to her stepdaughter Brooke. Meg then had a nervous breakdown from the jealousy and depression. Lee was forced to institutionalize his wife.

In 1971 Meg returned to Port Charles which thrilled Lee. Supposedly Meg had recovered from her nervous breakdown. But Meg now had a bad case of Hypertension and a young Dr. Lesley Williams was assigned to Meg's case. Because of her jealousy Meg believed Lesley was trying to pursue Lee. And Meg confronted Lee with her false accusations. But during an argument Meg had a stroke and died instantly. A devastated Lee remained strong for his son Scotty.

Again Lee defended Jessie when she was charged with the murder of her former husband Phil Brewer in 1974. When Jessie refused to cooperate in her defense Lee encouraged her to fight the false charges and then he passionately kissed her. Lee proved that Jessie was innocent but they couldn't get what they had back.

Lee finally found a soul mate when he met social worker Caroline Chandler. They married and had a short honeymoon. But upon returning from their honeymoon they got the heart breaking news that Caroline's son Bobby had an incurable disease called Malakoff's disease. But soon after Dr. Steve Hardy found that the diagnosis was wrong. After the great news Lee and Caroline moved to New York City with Bobby and his pregnant wife Samantha.

In 1977 Lee returned to Port Charles after Caroline and Bobby were lost at sea. Lee was comforted by his platonic relationship with Dr. Gail Adamson. Gail had sensed Lee's devastation and unbeknownst to Lee Gail contacted Scotty who was in law school and living Greenwich Village, New York City. Scotty reunited with his father and Gail was thrilled that her plan had worked. Scotty agreed to stay in town and got a job at General Hospital as a hospital clerk. There he met and felt instantly attracted to Laura Webber.

In 1979 Scotty had planned to marry Laura but as the time went by she lost confidence and broke off their engagement. A devastated Scotty turned his pain over to alcohol and began on the same path his recovering stepfather had gone down. But luckily Lee pulled his son out of that addiction.

In 1980 Gail and Lee married and their lives were now revolving around Scotty's marriage problems to Laura Webber. When Laura wanted to divorce Scotty, Lee burned the divorce papers.

In 1983 Lee ran for mayor and his opponent was Luke Spencer, the man who destroyed Scotty and Laura's marriage. Scotty who was his father's campaign manager try to discredit Luke using any information he could get on him. Scotty threatened Luke that he would expose his sister Bobbie's history as a prostitute if Luke didn't drop out of the race. Once Lee found out what Scotty was doing he fired his son as his campaign manager. Scotty then left town and Luke won the election.

In 1994 Lee and Gail found out that they were, in fact, grandparents. They were shocked to learn that young Karen Wexler was their granddaughter. She was conceived when Scotty had an affair with his secretary Rhonda Wexler while attending law school.

In 1997 Scotty returned to Port Charles with his daughter Serena Baldwin. Lee and Gail were thrilled to see Scotty and to see their other granddaughter again.

In 1998 Lee defended Dr. Julie Lambert when she was charged with the General Homicide serial killings. When the trial began Lee tried to make Dr. Eve Lambert look like the guilty one. His defense was a success and Julie was acquitted.

The killer was still free and now the police had evidence to who the killer might be which was caught on the surveillance camera on the roof of General Hospital. The killer wore a wig that resembled Eve's hair, but when she stood at a mirror and her face was revealed it turned out that Julie Devlin-Morris was the killer.

Julie was being controlled by Dr. Greg Cooper. When Julie was caught, Lee became her legal guardian and Gail would stop it nothing to get Julie committed to Ferncliff where she would get the treatment she needed.

Lee suffered a pulmonary embolism in 1999. Everyone was devastated by this especially Gail. Lee nearly died, but with the love and care of his loved ones he finally pulled through and recovered.

In 2003 Lee and Gail were devastated when hearing that their granddaughter Karen was killed after being hit by a car. Although they had lost their granddaughter they were happy to know that her blood had saved Lucy Coe's life.

When Lila Quartermaine passed away in her sleep, Lee and Gail went to the funeral where they paid their respects.

A tribute video.

Throwback Thursday - Gail & Lee visit Serena - December 1993 


Lee thanks Dominique - February 1993

Lucy learns Scott is bringing Serena to visit her and Lee is there!!  - May 1997

This was in the show PC - Scott tells Serena & Lee that Lucy left - June 2000

RIP Peter Hanson. Thank you for all your years on General hospital.

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October 16th, 1981

The hospital:

Bobbie and Leslie: Bobbie is talking about Noah. :)

Leslie, Monica,Bobbie. Susan and baby Jason:  Awww baby Jason.. :) All the gals are lovin on that baby except Monica! She don't look very happy.  Monica is being rude, which I really don't blame her. She is still hurt and angry, and still loves Alan, which she won't admit. :)

Alan and Susan: Susan tells Alan about what Monica said.

Robert's home:

Laura and Tiffany:  They are chit chatting. :)

Luke and Robert: They are both poor. ROFL! Oh ringy dingy on the door. Luke made a joke about western union.. He wasn't far off from the truth hahaha. Well the western union part. :) Luke has got a telegram! The boat is a comin!!!! :)  They are going to the international bank and trust!

Tiffany and Robert: Robert is poor Tiffany!!!! I'm glad it's finally sinking in to her that he doesn't have diamond minds and he is NOT rich!!! She is pissed!! ROFL! She feels used. Great scene.

Offices of the international bank and trust company:

Luke, Robert, and  the bank guy:  Luke and Robert tell the guy they want to see the guy who donated the boat to Luke, but the guy says he doesn't know who he is!!! Luke calls Laura who is rushing into the house. Luke  tells her all about it. Luke wins the line of the day.

Luke: I wasn't sea sick, I was faking.

ROFL! Sure you were Luke uh huh. :)

Luke, Laura, and some guy:  Luke wants the guy to make an offer. The guy isn't willing to pay a lot of money for it.

Q home:

Lila and Edward: Edward is sucking up to Lila. With flowers and dinner. He really wants those ELQ stocks badly!

Edward and Alan: Alan isn't happy and still delusional! Still thinking he loves Susan!!! Someone smack some sense into him!! :)

Alan and Monica: Oh boy!!! So much tension! Foreplay? :)

Noah's uncle's home/Dinner party: Partay!!!!! Oh oh Noah's uncle is being rude to Luke, and Ruby!! Luke really looks like he wants to punch him out! ROFL! Time to go to the restaurant.

Restaurant: More rudeness from Noah's uncle and hey Edward and Lila are there and they join them.

Susan's home:

Alan and Susan: They are being all lovey dovey.

Webber home:

L&L: Laura wants to know why Luke was so rude to the senator! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Flashback Friday - October 9, 1990

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October 14th, 1981

The hospital/Lobby:

Slick and Jessie: Slick is so excited hahahahahahaha. Keep it down Slick hahahaha.

Slick, Audrey, and Steve: So Slick was in his cab and a pregnant woman was in there, and she had her babies in Slick's cab! He is elated! She had 4 babies. Amy shows up REALLY excited!!! A couple of reporters show up about the mother and her babies. They can't take a picture of the mother and her babies. They take a picture of Slick, Amy, and Steve hahahaha.


Rick, Rose, and Leslie: Rose tells them where little Mike is. Rose loves that little guy. :) Rick and Leslie are there to celebrate with L&L for Laura's upcoming divorce and upcoming marriage. Leslie doesn't want to see Lee. She is afraid he is going to start trouble. Hail hail the gang is all here! Now they can all party!  Amy calls and Leslie tells her that Laura is back and Amy wants to know if Laura got the divorce. Laura gets on the phone to talk to Amy. Luke cooks the burgers and teaches Leslie how to cook them!  Leslie and Luke are having a nice heart to heart, well at least they are trying to! People keep interrupting them.. Wait a minute.. Rick is not ready to accept Luke? But he just welcomed him to the family! That makes no sense.. Well anyway Tiffany washes dishes! Slick and Amy are on the phone and Amy tells him that the babies of that woman are sleeping cute.

Rick's home:

Rick and Mike: He is putting Mike to bed. Awwwww. :) I love when Mike calls him Doc Rick. :)

Heather and Rick: Heather needs to talk to Rick about Steven Lars. She needs Rick's help. She wants him to talk to her therapist.. Rick agrees.

Q home

The will: Lila wins the line of the day.

Lila: A codi what?

ROFL! Stella gets a vase from Paris. Alan gets all of Alex's possessions that are in the basement hahahaha.  Edward gets her diamonds and Lila gets the ELQ stocks!!! Which doesn't make Edward very happy!! Lila is very happy and wants to go to bed. Edward is trying to talk to her and she ignores him hahahaha. Edward goes upstairs to talk to Lila, but there is a sign that says do not disturn and the door is locked!!! ROFL!

The pier:

L&L: They are alone being all lovey dovey. Awwww. :)

Police station:  They caught someone red headed being a burglar. He has a wrap sheet a mile long.

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Throwback Thursday - 1995 Daytime Emmys General Hospital Montage

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October 13th 1981

Italian restaurant:

Lee and Gail: Gail is ready to go to the Q home, but Lee isn't in any rush. And they start talking about Scotty and Laura. Lee thinks Scotty and Laura will get back together. Gail has to bring him down to earth!!!

Q home:

Edward, Monica, and Alan: Edward comes home, and Alan wants to go to bed, but Edward won't let him. He wants Alan to stay up because Lee will show up to do the reading of the will! Monica is there and Edward won't let her go either! Alan is getting upset. He doesn't want to be there. Lila is asleep and needs to be waken up! Alan is upset with Edward, Monica, and Lila, for visiting Susan.

The will reading: Lila doesn't want to stay for the will, but Edward won't let her leave, so she falls asleep ROFL!

Robert's home:

Robert and Luke: Luke is complaining about the harbor tax bill and he doesn't even have the boat yet hahahaha. The place is a mess hahaha. Robert got something in the mail too. A company wants him to endorse stun guns! Laura calls! She is coming home!!!

Robert wins the line of the day.

Robert: Montazuma's revenge! I told her not to drink the water!!!

ROFL!  And they have to clean their mess cus Laura is going to kill them hahahahaha.

Robert, Luke, and Laura: LAURA IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!! Luke does not feel sorry for Scotty one bit. She doesn't have the divorce papers with her. Luke is angry. Laura explains all to him.  Robert and Tiffany show up and they all celebrate.

Hardy home:

Anne and Joe: Oh oh Anne is all drunk and whiny. Audrey calls, and Joe asks her about the babies. Multiple babies were born from a woman and they all are doing well. Audrey wants to know how Anne is doing.

Part 1: 
Part 2: 

Flashback Friday - December 24, 1990

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October 2, 1981

Susan Moore's home:

Susan and Edward: Edward visits Susan. At 14.28 I see a shadow from the window! Like someone was walking! Anyway, Susan is upset. She doesn't want any money. Edward says he misjudged her. She kicks him out! He apologizes.

The hospital:

Mike's grandmother's room:  Mike's grandmother Molly, knows she is going to die. She is worried about Mike. Rick says Mike can live with him. Awwwww.

Mike, Rick, Bobbie, Georgia, Noah, and Leslie: Mike wants to see his grandmother. The talk Rick has with Mike made Bobbie all choked up so she went to take a break.


Noah and Bobbie: He wants to make sure she is okay.. Bobbie says she is a marshmallow. Noah loves her heart. He wants to go on vacation with her.. Vacation = sex, and Bobbie not ready. They have been dating for 6 months and she is still not ready. She is making a lot of excuses as to why she won't make love to him.

Noah and Anne: Anne defends Bobbie. He says that Anne handles things a lot professionally than Bobbie does. Anne tells him what happened with Jeff! That they are not going to be married and tells him why.


Bobbie and Luke: Bobbie wants to talk to Luke. She tells him that Noah wants to go go away with her.  She doesn't want to make a mistake. She doesn't want Noah to think she is easy. Luke wins the line of the day.

Luke: Nothing you can do about it. You got the Spencer blood in you. That means when you are turned on baby, you are turned on.

ROFL! Oh Luke ewww! Hahahaha.

Molly's room continued: Oh oh her heart stopped. She is gone. :( Poor Mike!!! Noah is heart broken about it, and Anne is there for him.


Leslie, Mike, and Rick: They are having a lot of fun together!!!:)


Molly's room continued: Oh oh her heart stopped. She is gone. :( Poor Mike!!! Noah is heart broken about it, and Anne is there for him.

The pier:

L&L: They have to say goodbye, because she is going to Mexico. He really doesn't want her to go. He is so vulnerable. :(
Laura: I will be back Luke.

Luke: I can't see you.

Laura: I know. I'll be back.

Luke: I love you.

Laura: I love you. More than anything.

GREAT SCENE!!!! Love the dialog between them!

Slick and Luke: Slick wants to know where Laura is. Luke tells her and Slick is upset he missed her. Then they talk about the boat. What to do with it.


Slick, Luke, and Heather: Heather gives them coffee. She says she had fun at the welcome home party they had. Heather tells them they should make the boat a club. Have a supper club. Tiffany and Robert show up. Tiffany tells them about Washington and that Robert is going to go see the WSB. Luke says that the WSB probably wants to give Robert a medal. Tiffany got excited.

Dock space offices:

Dock guy, Luke, and Slick: The guy heard that they want dock space for his boat. It is going to cost 3000 dollars a month!!!!!! And that's only if he wants it to temporarily dock it.. 5000 dollars to dock it permanently dock it!!!! WOW!

Rick's home:

Mike, Noah, and Anne: Noah and Anna brought him to Rick's home and Mike is asleep. Noah doesn't feel like being alone so he asked Anne out on a date for dinner. Mike's grandmother's death, really affected him and he wants to be with someone who can make him feel alive. ROFL! Well Noah, Anne isn't the person who can satisfy your needs!!! ROFL!

WSB offices:

WSB boss and Robert: Oh oh Robert gets fired.

Robert: Let's get the record straight. You didn't fire me. I QUIT!!!


Part 1:

Part 2:

Throwback Thursday -  Promo December 18, 1990 Decker and Dawn.

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September 30th 1981 Partial episode. 

The hospital:

The lobby: Amy overhears the mayor talking about the 5 million dollar gift that he wants to give Luke. She thinks it's 5 million dollars and tells Bobbie.

Mike, Georgia, Leslie. Bobbie, Noah and Amy:  Mike is excited that he is a special person that he gets to see his grandmother even though he is too little! Awwww. :)

Rick and Leslie: Rick says that Mike's grandmother is not going to make it this time. :(

Mike's grandmother's room: Mike visits his grandmother.

Mike's grandmother's apartment:

Bobbie and Noah: They are there to pack Mike's stuff.


Luke, Robert, and Tiffany: Tiffany is talking about money and movies. They talk about Luke's reward and what he could get. Bobbie calls and tells Luke what Amy said! Luke talks to Robert and Tiffany about it. Slick and Clyde show up. Slick is a fan of Tiffany and can't contain himself hahahaha. And then Luke and Laura's old landlord from the sticky door era, shows up and wants Luke to buy the apartment! ROFL! Luke wins the line of the day.

Luke: I don't think I can afford the cockroaches.

ROFL!  Oh and now Luke gets a phone call from a man who wants Luke to invest in a silver mining company! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Webber home:
Alice and Burt: They talk about Heather and what Alice did for Heather in the past. She kicks Burt out and calls Kelly's and Luke answers. She wants to talk to Heather. He says she isn't there that she is with Joe at the movie's.

Rick's home:

Rick and Leslie: They put Mike to bed, They hug and he says he loves her. Awwww. :) And then they kiss. :)

October 1st 1981

Lee's office:

Burt and Joe: They are talking about Heather again. Joe is sticking up for Heather.  Lee shows up and all of them are figuring things out.

The hospital/lobby:

Bobbie and Ruby: They are talking about the mayor. That he is coming to the party. Noah and Rick show up and Bobbie talks about the mayor. Luke shows up. Rick wants to welcome him to the family awwww! :) Then Bobbie calls the Webber home and she tells Alice to give Leslie a message.

Rick and Luke: They talk about Mexico and Scotty.

The cafeteria:

Luke, Ruby, Bobbie, and Noah: They talk about the 5 million dollars and Luke jokes about it. Robert and Tiffany show up and they talk about the 5 million dollars, and Tiffany thinks it should be more! Sure! For her movie! Hahahahaha!

Webber home/Laura's room:

Laura and Leslie: Leslie gives Laura breakfast. Leslie wants to take Laura out to shop for something pretty for the party that is happening.

Laura, Leslie, Alice, and Amy: Alice gives Leslie the message, and Amy comes in talking about the 5 million dollars that Luke is going to get. Laura and Leslie joke about it.

Heather and Alice: Heather does get the message and shows up to see her mother. They talk about the 2nd gun that was found. Still talking about Diana Taylor's murder. Anne shows up with cake that she promised Leslie. Heather goes in the kitchen to help her mother.

L&L: Awwww they are so sweet together. :) I have always loved them. Oh Luke tells her that Robert has NO diamond mines! Just a cover for the WSB! Awww poor Luke , everytime they are about to make love faith steps in hahaha. They only made love once. But they decide to wait until they get those divorce papers and get married until they make love again! Awwww. :) He REALLY wants to go to Mexico with her but she still says no.

Lee's office:

Lee and Joe: Lee is upset because he is afraid he lost his son!

Police station: Burt is working on trying to get gun permit records. The cop gets all the info and Joe show up.  Joe looks into the info and Joe says we did it Burt. We found the murder weapon!


Heather and Joe: He tells her the big news about what he discovered. He is not going to stop until he gets to the truth that she did not kill Diana Taylor!!!

Ruby's home: They are getting ready to go to the party at the Webber's!

Webber home part 2: The party starts!!! Rick welcomes Luke to the family!!! Awww! YAY! Georgia calls and Alice answers.. Molly, little Mike's grandmother, is still holding on. The mayor shows up and Amy won't stop talking ROFL! It's not 5 million dollars Luke gets, it's the BOAT!!! The Titan, aka THE HAUNTED STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Flashback Friday -   promo April 3, 1991. Robert, Anna, Mac, Sean, and Scotty.