Friday, October 13, 2017

November 26th, 1981 

Happy Thanksgiving Port Chuckles!!!

Ruby's home: Ruby got a knock on the door and a letter that says they got Luke and to go to the warehouse to get him!!!

Warehouse: Ruby shows up and waits, and waits, and waits, until someone shows up! It's a homeless man! He says that the warehouse is HIS territory!!

Hardy's home: Everyone is there, and Joe is on the phone. He gets into an argument with Anne about Heather. Audrey wants them to stop arguing.

The Titan:

L&L: They are being all lovey dovey. :)

Webber's home: Alice shows up, and Leslie is so panicky over the food because it's Thanksgiving!! Everyone shows up, and Bobbie is looking for Ruby, so Bobbie tries to call her. Leslie gets a phone call that Ruby got hit by a truck! I love how Robert is there for Leslie. She is so upset.

Mercy hospital: Ruby is not there!!!! Rick gets on the phone to GH to find out if Ruby is there.. NOPE she is not!  So, Rick calls Leslie to tell her all about it. Luke gets on the other payphone to call. Leslie yells that Ruby is there!!! She showed up!

Webber home: So everyone comes back and they talk to Ruby! She explains! So they realize that someone called and lied about Ruby being hit by a truck and someone also got Ruby to the warehouse.

Witiker farm:

L&L and the Witiker's:  The Witiker's are home!!! L&L are making out when Mr. Witiker shows up and tells them that all he sees is a mess. He says that Bufferd was impressed with L&L. L&L are leaving back home for Thanksgiving.

Q home:

Edward, Lila, and Alan: Alan tells them he won't have Thanksgiving there, because he will have it with Susan. Alan and Edward are having a discussion and Alan said he could bring Susan here. Lila says no that would not be appropriate. Alan is going to see AJ. Monica shows up all snarky. :) Lila has invited Emma and her hubby, and Edward doesn't like it. Edward wins the line of the day.

Edward: Oh great. That should round out our table of misfits perfectly. The quixotic Quartermaines, the loony Lutz's, a recovering alcoholic, and his dutiful and charming wife.

ROFL! So everyone shows up. I hate how Emma treats her husband!!! And she is also very judgemental with Scotty! Listen to Lila, Emma!!!  I love how Scotty snowed everyone except Monica!!! Hahahaha!

Scotty's home: Scotty is back to his home, and you see magazines on the floor! He used the magazines to make that note for Ruby!!!! I just LOVE Scotty like this. It makes him more interesting!!! :)

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Flashback Friday  Nancy Eckhart murder mystery promo. November 7, 1991

Thursday, October 5, 2017

November 24th, 1981
Q home:

Alan and Edward: Edward has a problem, and it's with Lila hahahahaha! Alan wants Edward to be more understanding. Edward doesn't like Lila having ideas in her head and not telling him! Hahahaha. Go Lila! :) Edward is so whiny. :)

Rick's clinic: A teenager got hit by a car and people are so worried. He is going to be okay and everyone is happy. The teenage boy was playing ball in the street, but he was playing hooky from school. His older sister shows up and they both wish that there is a place for teens can go and play so it isn't in the street. Rick is thinking about this. He wants to do something about it.

Beachers corners: Someone is at the door and Luke knows who it is hahahaha. He is playing games. Laura shows up and opens the door. Hey it's TiffBurt! :) Tiffy is asking if they have slapped the hogs yet hahahaha. The neighbor lady visits. Luke wins the line of the day.

Luke: Oh no no. These are not company. They just came to slap the hogs.

ROFL! The neighbor lady has brought the Turkey for Thanksgiving! And it's ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! Tiffany is excited. :)

The barn: Tiffany feels right at home! She is experienced, and Robert is not! :) Robert wants L&L to live at his apartment, but Luke doesn't want to. Laura wants to. Then they talk about living on the boat and making it a show boat. Luke likes the idea! Robert gets bit. ROFL!

Susan's home:

Susan and Alice: Alice wants to know what is wrong. Susan doesn't know if Alan feels the same way about her that she feels about him.

Floating rib:

Monica and Susan: Hahaha. Great scene. Susan you can't win! Monica is the queen! :)

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Throwback Thursday - promo August 16, 1990 Ned looking for Dawn. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

November 20th, 1981 

Police station/waiting area: That liar guy is still there. Joe is talking to him. Joe smells nice ROFL! Joe is still trying to get to the bottom of Diana Tyler's murder.

Bus driver and Joe: Wow Joe is going all out!!!! He is talking to the bus driver now.

Hairdresser: Scotty got a shave. The barber is talking about Luke and Laura's wedding. Scotty calls Gail and wants to go out to eat with her and Lee.

Witiker's farm: Oh boy!!! Laura burned the breakfast! Which is strange, cus when Luke and Laura were on the run, they cooked. Luke runs in and slips ROFL. They are having breakfast, when Bufered comes in and wants them to sort out eggs! :) They start kissing, but then Bufered says we have work to do. He comes in with pumpkins.  The phone rings.. Laura has to make butter! ROFL! L&L are eating lunch in the barn, when they hear an explosion! Laura screwed up on the pumpkins! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! This woman comes in and says she wants to pick up the peaches for the party, which was already done so Laura doesn't have to worry. Then the egg man calls and is upset with Luke. The eggs are mismatched hahahahhaha!  Luke wins the line of the day.

Luke: You are talking to a city boy. How the hell am I supposed to know a medium sized egg from a large egg? I just found out today they come from chickens.

ROFL! Speaking of chickens, a bunch of them come into the house!!!! This is hysterical!!!! The phone rings again and the person who wants butter, asks if it's turning! ROFL!  Phone rings again and it's Rick. Rick tells Laura the good news.

The hospital:

Rick and Gail: Gail wants to know if Georgia got ahold of Lee yet, and she did. Gail talks to Rick about Scotty.


Lee, Gail, and Scotty: Oh man! Lee and Gail don't believe a word Scotty says!!! Don't let him snow you!!! :)

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 Flashback Friday Sonny, Carly, & AJ promo - June 2000

Thursday, September 21, 2017

November 19th, 1981

Courthouse/Heather's hearing:

Heather and Joe: Heather is so antsy. She is skeered. Oh the hearing has started.. Oh time for a break.. Oh they are back. Bail is set very high!

Scotty's home:  Bobbie calls Scotty and wants to get together with him. She wants him to go to Vito's restaurant. He says no at first but he finally agrees.

Scotty and Joe: Joe will step aside so that Scotty will come back to work for Lee. Scotty doesn't believe it. Joe wants to be a lawyer for the waterfront. A lawyer for the people.

Robert's home:

TiffBert: She is all happy. She is in love with Port Chuckles. She is excited about the cocktail reception that Helena is having. Old Robbie is being negative, until the harbor master called. The titan is HERE!

Rick's clinic:

Helena's man, Rick, and Leslie:  OH BOY! Helena wants Luke to come visit her! If Luke does NOT visit her, then there will be no reception. Rick tells Leslie and Leslie is all. 00.


Scotty and Bobbie: Great scene! Scotty is angry and bitter, and Bobbie wants him to leave Luke and Laura alone!

Harbor master office: So Robert signed some papers and it's official! The Titan is Luke and Laura's! :)

Helena's home:

Luke and Helena: Luke shows up and they meet!!!!! Biggest mistake of your life Luke!!! Helena touches his shoulders!!! And here starts the flirtation! :)

The party: The party starts!! Helena gives the hospital 10 million dollars.. Everyone is in shock!!!!! Now Helena wants everyone gone hahaha.

Lee's office:

Joe and Lee: They talk about Heather and the hearing. Then they talk about Scotty.

The titan aka the haunted star: The gang talks about Scotty. And then they talk about the boat. Rick likes the boat.

Helena's home continued: The person who donated the titan, is, HELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy she hates them with a passion!!!

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Throwback Thursday 1982  Promo There is an All My Children promo along with General Hospital. The promo is about Holly and Luke.

Friday, September 15, 2017

 November 18th, 1981


Burt and Rose: Rose fills him in on what happened at the wedding. Then Robert, Tiffy and Amy show up. Then they talk about the wedding. Joe and Bobbie show up and they talk about Scotty:

Burt and Joe: They talk about Heather. Burt tells him that the DA is going to indict Heather. Joe says if it's murder 1 then he isn't going to make it stick.

Noah and Bobbie: Bobbie is worried about Luke and Laura.

Baldwin home:

Scotty, Gail, and Lee: Scotty is very angry and bitter. He has changed. I love it! :) Lee told Scotty about falling off the wagon and burning the divorce papers. Scotty wins the line of the day.

Scotty: Love her? Are you kiddin? She's a slut.


Bar: Scotty gets into a bar fight! Brian is there for him.

Beachers Corners/Witiker farm: Luke and Laura are honeymooning!!! But they have work to do on the farm!!! A LOT of work hahaha. They go to bed, and Luke looks funny and cute hahahaha.

Robert's home:

Tiffbert: Tiffany wants to move in. Robert is afraid of commitment. She asks him if he loves her.

The pier:

Joe and Burt: They talk about the murder of Diana Taylor.

Brian and Scotty: Brian is being a good friend and Scotty is so angry.

Robert and Scotty: Robert is defending Luke and Laura, and telling him to leave town. Robert leave him alone.. He is hurting right now!

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 Flashback Friday - 1988 Colton and Ariel. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

November 16th, 1981

THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was 7 years old when L&L got married!!! I remember the wedding!!!! How old were you when L&L got married? :) This video is the condensed version.

Webber home/Laura's bedroom: Good morning Port Chuckles!!!! Laura wakes up!! It's her wedding day!!! :) Laura has a gift that the Messenger has for her, but he has to be there for her to open it, but Leslie won't let him go upstairs while Laura is getting dressed. The gift is the model of the titan aka the haunted star!!!! :)

Downstairs: Everyone is all ready. The antique cars show up. Delfina is of course bossy ROFL. Rick has shown up.

The wedding: Everyone is ready.  So much food wow!!!! And Mrs Witiker's eye balls are poppin out! :) Emma is always so mean to her husband Charlie. Oh the wedding has started. Funny, there are no chairs.. Everyone is standing up! ROFL!  The wedding is awesome!!!! Fans including me,  waited years for this!!!! :)

The reception: Everyone is having fun at the reception! :)  Helena Cassadine watches them. And she puts the curse on them!!!! She wins the line of the day.

Helena: I put a curse on you Laura and Luke! My curse on both of you!

Mayor's private study:

Gail, Lee, the mayor, and Leslie: Lee's tired feet need a rest.  They all are relaxing, when Dan walks in. Dan saw Helena!!! He still has that crush. :)  The mayor and Dan go out to look for her.

Bouquet toss: Time to throw the bouquet!!!! And guess what? The infamous scene! Scotty catches the bouquet!!!! I remember that scene so well!!!! :) Scotty is FURIOUS!  Luke and Scotty fight!  But there IS good news!!! Scotty caught the bouquet, so he is next to get married. ROFL.

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If you want to see the whole thing, here it is.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

November 13, 1981


L&L: They are coming back from Mexico! Luke is feeling insecure. Laura has no doubts!

Webber home:

L&L and Leslie: Leslie wants to all meet at Kelly's after the bachelor party. Leslie gives Laura good advice. :)  So Laura has a Bachelorette party. That is odd. She already had one! The surprise one.. Why have another one?!

Joe's home: Joe is listening to the radio and the announcer says that the wedding is still on! ROFL!

Joe and Alice: Alice visits Joe, and wants to talk to him about Heather. She says that Heather is telling the truth, and that the gun was really in her house.

Bachelor party restaurant place: Robert is looking for a woman to pop out of the cake for the bachelore party. Slick is drooling over this one woman, but Robert has thoughts about another woman that he wants for it. The huge cake is brought out. Robert likes it.  Slick talks about how about Bobbie Spencer popping out of the cake. Robert wins the line of the day.

Robert: Yeah I'd like to see that myself.

ROFL! Yeah I bet you would. :) Oh the party has started!!!! And who comes out of the cake? AUNT RUBY! :)

Jail waiting area:

Joe and Heather:  Joe tells her that he is back on the case and that her mother verified Heather's story. She is happy!

Kelly's: Delfina and the ladies show up, and Delfina is so rude to Rose!!!!

The pier:

L&L: They left their respective parties to be alone together. :) Helena's henchman show up to give Luke his invitation.  Luke refuses of course. :)

Mystery guy and fisherman: I don't know if the guy is a fisherman, but he looks like he could be... And the mystery guy, he is SCOTTY! He was hiding his voice, but you can tell it's him! ROFL! So the guy leaves, and L&L show up! They talk to the fisherman guy.  They talk about the wedding.

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