Friday, July 14, 2017

October 16th, 1981

The hospital:

Bobbie and Leslie: Bobbie is talking about Noah. :)

Leslie, Monica,Bobbie. Susan and baby Jason:  Awww baby Jason.. :) All the gals are lovin on that baby except Monica! She don't look very happy.  Monica is being rude, which I really don't blame her. She is still hurt and angry, and still loves Alan, which she won't admit. :)

Alan and Susan: Susan tells Alan about what Monica said.

Robert's home:

Laura and Tiffany:  They are chit chatting. :)

Luke and Robert: They are both poor. ROFL! Oh ringy dingy on the door. Luke made a joke about western union.. He wasn't far off from the truth hahaha. Well the western union part. :) Luke has got a telegram! The boat is a comin!!!! :)  They are going to the international bank and trust!

Tiffany and Robert: Robert is poor Tiffany!!!! I'm glad it's finally sinking in to her that he doesn't have diamond minds and he is NOT rich!!! She is pissed!! ROFL! She feels used. Great scene.

Offices of the international bank and trust company:

Luke, Robert, and  the bank guy:  Luke and Robert tell the guy they want to see the guy who donated the boat to Luke, but the guy says he doesn't know who he is!!! Luke calls Laura who is rushing into the house. Luke  tells her all about it. Luke wins the line of the day.

Luke: I wasn't sea sick, I was faking.

ROFL! Sure you were Luke uh huh. :)

Luke, Laura, and some guy:  Luke wants the guy to make an offer. The guy isn't willing to pay a lot of money for it.

Q home:

Lila and Edward: Edward is sucking up to Lila. With flowers and dinner. He really wants those ELQ stocks badly!

Edward and Alan: Alan isn't happy and still delusional! Still thinking he loves Susan!!! Someone smack some sense into him!! :)

Alan and Monica: Oh boy!!! So much tension! Foreplay? :)

Noah's uncle's home/Dinner party: Partay!!!!! Oh oh Noah's uncle is being rude to Luke, and Ruby!! Luke really looks like he wants to punch him out! ROFL! Time to go to the restaurant.

Restaurant: More rudeness from Noah's uncle and hey Edward and Lila are there and they join them.

Susan's home:

Alan and Susan: They are being all lovey dovey.

Webber home:

L&L: Laura wants to know why Luke was so rude to the senator! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Flashback Friday - October 9, 1990

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